January Stock Photography Recap

I'd like to start posting a recap of how many uploads, acceptances and sales we've had at the end of each month.

January was pretty good! I've stayed motivated and have been uploading images pretty often. Not as often as I like, I still have tons to go through, but we're doing at least 10-20 every weeks.


We had 68 photos accepted and 21 photos rejected. Some of those rejected images were resubmitted and then accepted (I did some bad isolations and uploaded an incomplete model release). So our gallery grew from 128 to 196 during January.

We had a total of 73 downloads during January which earned us: $23.19. Not our best month ever, but pretty close! My goal is to end up with 73 downloads per day, rather than per month.

Here's one of my favorites for January.

Big Stock Photo

We didn't upload here at all. Mainly because I hadn't yet found a generic model release. We've been using Shutterstock's MR, and obviously BSP won't accept that. I also didn't feel like harassing our models to make them sign 3 different releases.

So, no growth in our portfolio, but we made $5 dollars in sales! It's $5 we didn't have before.


There were also no uploads here, for the same reason.

No portfolio growth, sales earned us $1. (I gotta say, it's a lot harder to get excited about that $1.)

Goals for February

We now have a more "universal" model release, that, supposedly, all the agencies accept. Which means we can start to upload more model photos to all the other agencies, not just SS.

I'd also like to start doing more planned shoots. Right now we're just finding models, having them do their own hair/make-up/outfits and shooting them. That's ok, but those photos don't sell crazy well because the models aren't clearly doing or selling anything.

And now, to end with a gratuitous pet photo! Today's GPP is of O'Malley, he's Keira's boyfriend and is owned by our good friends Katie and Rhiannon.

He's a cutie!



  1. I'm biased, but man, that's a handsome dog.

  2. I am loving the "gratuitous pet photo" section. You should make that a weekly if not daily posting!

    I'm really learning a lot from all this stock photog talk. I'm a little surprised though at the small payouts for the downloads. Why so cheap?