Overheard at Citi Kroger

"There are other ways to get home! You shouldn't have gotten in that car, now you might be considered a suspect!"

Those who are familiar with the Citi Kroger will not be surprised by that statement. Robert and I kind of gave each other this *look* when we heard it.

So, that wasn't art related at all, but it was too funny/weird to pass up.

There's a new face for today's GPP! Meet Rascal! He belongs to Rachel and her wife Terri. He looks to be a very spoiled and lucky dog. I wonder if his fur is as soft as it looks? I love this photo of him, partly because he's got a backpack! Keira has one as well and she loves it. I tried to find the Taters one, but they don't seem to come that small.

Also, Mum and Mike, you must email me GPPs as well. I need to see how big Ilsa is now!



  1. Yeah-gotta love the citi kroger--if the incense store doesn't knock you out, someone on the parking lot might. last time i was there they had a sign informing customers how not to get mugged while shopping...

    Also, Rascal is a cute, and i love the scenery.

  2. OK, that's a little scary. But Yay for Rascal's debut on GPP!

  3. Oh the fur, we'll right now it's soft from the dirt and yuckiness. You know when you pet a dog and just a few pets in you feel the need to wash your hands. Yep, that's him right now. He needs a bath. But after the bath he gets all puppy fluffy and soft. This is when we spoon the most. LOL.

  4. do you have two "boo's"? and who is ilsa... this is why you have to email me... what are you going to say next.... that you are pregnant with twins that you are going to sell on the black market? That's so you.