For Rachel

Here's a Gratuitous GPP (a GGPP?).

This first one is of Keira as a puppy. I think she was about 4-5 months old. Her ears were full grown, but she wasn't!

And here's The Taters (ie, Aggie). She's being majestic in the kudzu. I think she looks like a foo dog.

I hope they make you smile!



  1. I always forget how tiny Keira was--crazy mutt! We should just start a GPP blog and amuse ourselves endlessly with our cute pets and be those strange people that are obsessed with our animals. And I'm typing this as I'm sitting in a house with my parents' 4 inside cats.

  2. ha ha! i know, she looked even more like a muppet when she was a puppy.

    I am debating doing a GPP a day, regardless of if I have anything art related to talk about. I have such a huge amount of photos of our animals and your animals…

    I think we might already be some of "those people."

  3. Smiling ear to ear! Keira is just so adorable!! Thank you!

    I must say I think a GPP blog or post a day is a fabulous idea! I'll contribute if needed.

  4. I have resigned myself to the fact that we are "those people." Especially since I have now taken O'Malley to the school playground twice and let him play on the slide, even though I know he's a dog and not a child.

  5. Katie, does he like sliding down the slide? I think we need video on this! LMAO!

  6. I second that question, does he like the slide? I think Keira would freak out and Aggie would figure out a way to kill me in my sleep if I put her on a slide. Though I might do it anyway, just for fun!