Rail Arts District Studio Cruise

This is coming a bit late (like everything I do), but for those in the Atlanta area, I'd like to invite you to the RAD Studio Cruise, this Saturday, February 7th, from 5-10 pm. Here's a bit about the event:

RAD Studio Cruise 2009 is our second annual event, building on the amazing turnout and enthusiasm we gratefully experienced in year one. All of the founding group will be back including Alcove Gallery (sculpture & painting), AMALGAM Arts (jewelry), Bart Webb Studios (metal sculpture), DuckBill Studio (blown glass) and MudFire Clayworks (pottery & sculpture).

This year's Cruise will include great new additions including the debut of Academy Theater, the just-opened artist colony at Little Tree Studios, the artists of Studio 2850, and individual artist studios at the participating facilities.

Click here, to learn more.

Robert and I will be at our studio, taking Valentine's Day portraits for those who are brave enough to step in front of the camera!

And now for the gratuitous pet photo of the day! Today's GPP comes by way of my good friend Katie at Redykle, who sent me a link to a book review of Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible. The review contained an excellent description of this photo:

"A borrowed hamster was Ms. Muir’s model for the hamster house, above. 'He did exactly as I expected,' she said. 'He lived in it for a day, then he ate it. Then he bit me.'"

Truer words have never been spoken.



  1. LMAO @ the GPP (and caption) today!