Art Show! All Small Redux

This is a bit of a brag post, because Robert has 5 pieces in an upcoming art show! As you can see from the postcard at right, it's called All Small Redux, and is in Agnes Scott's Dalton Gallery (my alma matter).

Here's a brief synopsis from their website:

"All Small Redux returns to the premise of the acclaimed 2002 exhibition, all small@eyedrum—that the exquisite and completely petite nature of small works can be overwhelmingly mighty.

In this time of downsizing, low returns, minimal output and small budgets, it is refreshing to celebrate the fabulous preciousness of the tiny.

All Small Redux adds into the fold the world of micro fiction.

Works at or under six inches, sixty seconds or one-hundred and eight words will be reviewed for possible inclusion in the exhibit."

I think that a total of around 50 artists are in the show, including our friends Nell Ruby and Jennifer Young. The opening is February 12, from 5-8. If you look on the postcard, on the last row, three over from the left, that's one of Robert's pieces! Let me see if I can find some larger photos of pieces. Here are my two favorites. They're lighter than in the photos, as the concrete was still damp when he took these pictures.

His concept is creating a modern fossil, basically taking bits of technology (wires, cables, cds, cell phones, computer mice, etc). Then embedding them in concrete and cutting them up into slices. They're lovely to look at and really interesting as many of them are almost unrecognizable from their original forms. This is a perfect project for him as he loves both fossils and technology. I'll probably need to have him write up a bit about this as he can explain it better than I can.



  1. Awesome! Is there an opening where we can go and feel superior to everyone since we know Robert?

  2. yup, it's on the 12th. wanna go with us?

    And you also know Nell!

  3. WOW. First YAY for Robert! Second I am loving the concept for the piece in the pictures. That is so kewl!