Potential Studio Space?

Robert and I are scoping out studio space. There's a warehouse being divided up and rented out near our work and our house.

It would give us a place to move all of our art stuffs (which are currently packed up and jammed in odd spaces in the tiny house) plus give Robert a "home base" for a lot of his photography work. At least the stuff that needs to be studio based anyway (head shots, portraits, products, stock, etc.).

And it will (hopefully) get us back into a community of artists, something I'm missing.

We're trying to look at money and figure out how we can afford this and how it can help us bring in more income.

I'm hoping this will work out!



  1. sounds cool. I hadn't checked your blog in a while so I didn't see this. i want to hear more about the planning.

  2. Well, I don't write on here very often, looks like I'm doing well at a post a month :p

    We've got money saved up for two months of renting the space. Our hope is that we can pull in enough money to justify having it. It doesn't make much sense to have to work an extra 15 hours a week, just so we can go there and work those 15 hours, you know?

    So, we hope that Robert can start offering more studio type services (and get paid for them!) and that we can also create more stock photography as that sells itself.

    I'd also like to be able to actually make some art again, whether it's fine art or commercial (ie: i got paid for this!) I don't know yet. I need to figure out how best to go about that part and then how to sell myself. Not something I'm really good at, or honestly have ever tried.

    It's pretty much all a big experiment at this point. My goal is to keep us focused so it doesn't turn into a big time/money pit.