Well Mike got his tattoo! He promises that he made it through with minimal flinching. The outline was done in one setting and he's going to get it colored (though I'll have to ask him about that as I didn't remember him wanting color, just shading). It's on his rib cage on the side. I think on left side of his body? I'll have to double check that.

So here's the new tattoo!

I think it looks great. I love what the artist did with the scales and the water. Now the waves don't look like mountains, but actually like waves.

And while he is pretty pale, he's not quite that ghostly shade of white. I lightened the photo a bit.

I'll have to find out where he got the tattoo done and who did it. You hear that Mike? Let me know!

This has been a good learning experience. I'm still looking for a sketch group so that I can work on my skills. And I think I've learned a bit about tattoos as well.