New Banner!

I'm trying to figure out how to customize this blog. Seems like I should know how since I am a graphic designer.

So far, we have made a banner! woot. I think I'll need to get Robert to help me do the rest. To be fair, I'm not really much of a web designer/coder.

The current illustration in the banner is from a line drawing I did for a book called Jhane's Affliction. (yes, you may groan at the bad pun.) The other women are her glamorous super-model sisters. They don't have names. That's a slightly hacked up and rearanged version of the first page of the book (yay photoshop!).

Jhane is the short one up there. She's my alter ego of sorts. Short and with dark hair. I would say she *seems* like she has more issues than me, but that might just be an exaggeration.



  1. Hey I found your blog!

    Love the banner, Julia. You're really so talented!