IT'S ALIVE!!!!!1!!11!!

I'm not dead…just haven't been able to muster up a blog post.

I decided today that needs to end, and so I'm bringing you the only artistic thing I've done in the past several months.


On the 4th of July weekend, Robert met up with some friends at a local coffee shop, Mighty Joe Espresso (in case you couldn't figure that out!). The owner decided she wanted to do something a little different for some of her seating, so she was inviting customers to decorate some of her tables. I joined up with them a bit later and the above is our finished project!

Robert did the swirls and fishes (based on a design he did when he made tableware designs for a living) and I did the text. I'm happy with it. It's cute and funky and it was a fun, impromptu project.

I also think Robert needs to take up painting! I love those little fish!

So hopefully, you'll start seeing a bit more of me around here. I'm going to try and plan out some future posts, so there's no 2 month gap again!

For today's GPP, I thought I'd feature our newest (and LAST) dog, Saul! aka: Saulie Sue, Mr. Sue, "HEY! What are you eating?! Drop it. Drop it! I said DROP IT!"

For reference, He's the small, cute, black and white puppy with spots in the header. Now he's lots bigger (35 lbs!) and lots more clumsy. We don't have very many super good photos of him yet, but here's two of him riding in the car. He's very laid back. He also thinks he's a lap dog.



  1. YAY, Finally! I was getting worried. But I love the table, how fun! and OMG Saul has gotten so big. Whoa. Love the new blog style too. ;0)

  2. So, is it still alive???!!!1!!

  3. It's barely hanging in there right now! lol