This weekend is the 2nd Annual Art-B-Que, in Avondale. It's a big party with artists, music, food, beer…what more could you ask for? It's all day Saturday, with vendors opening up around 10-11 am and with musicians closing up the night around 11 pm.

We'll be there, but I have to say, we're not totally sure what we'll be doing yet. This event has caught us by surprise! (And sadly, we've known about it for quite some time…sigh.)

I've got a few ideas brewing, but we'll see if any of them pan out.

Also appearing at the Art-B-Que are The Barrel House Mamas. They are a talented pair of women who write and perform "sweet and sultry mountain music." Robert has done a lot of photography for them and we're excited to see them perform again this weekend!

If you're not busy, we'd love to see any friends that can make it!

Today's GPP is an old friend of mine, Buster (aka: Shnoogie-Woogums). He was a cat we adopted when I was…in high school? Jr. high? I can't remember, but I was much younger! He still lives with my parents and in the photo below, he's up on their roof, surveying the yard work they're having done. I'm not sure if he aproves.