New Banner!

So, I'm messing around with the blog layout and thought I'd put up a new banner. I'm going to blame those two cuties as the reason for why I haven't blogged in FOREVAH. Let me tell you, the next time you start thinking "Hey, 5 dogs sounds like a good idea!" trust me, it's not.

We are down to just 4 dogs now and hopefully we'll soon be down to 3. The pups in the banner were strays that were born in our neighborhood. They were just too cute to let them get run over by cars (which is what killed the rest of their litter) or to let the local drunk keep carting around (which is what was happening to them!). The other dog we had was my in-laws dog that we (successfully!) re-homed for them. I think that Robert and I must be insane. Or big suckers. Probably both.

So, since it's practically June (eek!) I'm going to roll the April and May stock updates into one. We have put the puppies to work and shot some stock images of them.

The look of the blog will probably also keep changing. It's not quite how I want it, but sadly I know just enough html to be dangerous, but not enough to keep me from tearing my hair out as I try to change things!

And now for the GPP (like those three up top aren't enough!). This is my friend Crystal's newest addition, Molly. She was a stray that someone dumped.

And these are Crystal's dogs meeting Molly and thinking "ZOMG. WE CAN HAZ KITTEH?!"

It turns out that they did get to keep her after all! (Crystal may also be a sucker :) )



  1. I love the photo of the dog licking the cat--what a beautiful kitty too. That would so never happen at our house, even though we are making progress in cat/dog foreign relations.

  2. LOVE the banner, J. Also love the GPP!