March Stock Photography Recap

Man, I've been slacking on the blogging. I blame it on the bad weather.

March has been ok. Actually it's been pretty good considering the lack of uploading and photographizing.


We had 16 photos accepted and 9 photos rejected. So we're up to a gallery of 246. Downloads were pretty consistent, though we had more zero download days compared to February. We totaled $20.59 in sales and earned another payout! I wasn't sure if we would hit the $20 mark this month. I know I'll need to step up the submissions for April for sure. We're also less than $30 away from increasing our payout from .25 per subscription download to .30! It doesn't seem like a huge raise, but those extra nickels can add up fast!

Here's a favorite from March's uploads.

That's Ali, a model we've worked with a few times. She's sweet, easy to work with and very good at expressing subtle emotions.

Big Stock Photo

I didn't submit anything to BSP. But we still had three downloads for a total of $2.


No submissions to this site either. We had 4 downloads for a total earning of $4.13

Vector Stock

This is a new site for us. I saw them mentioned online and went to check them out. They accept and offer only vector files and signing up was easy. Uploading is a little slow, so I don't have many files online yet and no downloads. So we'll see how they work out.

Goals for April

Almost identical to March! Upload more! I'd also like to get accepted to iStock, at least in the vector department. Some kind members there have looked at my work and I think I need just one more illustration to complete my application.

I stole today's GPP from Katie. It was too cute to pass up!

Granted, you do have to search a little to find the pet. That's O'Malley, doing his best impression of an Ottoman Gremlin. Or else he's playing hide and seek, it's a little hard to tell.



  1. Ali is gorgeous! O'Malley is adorable!